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Breaking wave amongst the clouds.

At daybreak as the morning clouds roll by.


Morning waves and sunlight.

The sky darkens after the show of colors, but the waves don’t mind at all .


July 14th Dawn Collection

 Cloud on cloud..jpg Dont call me egret.jpg Every silver lining has a cloud..jpg Finders Keepers.jpg Making the waves II.jpg Making the waves III.jpg Making the waves..jpg Only here for the pickins.jpg Seaspray..jpg Silvercloud I.jpg Silvercloud II.jpg The moment that sun shines..jpg Trees and blues.jpg Under the cloud, an ocean.jpg

So beautiful this morning with a busy ocean and a dramatic dawn!

This is a signed, collectable, limited edition collection all taken by iPhone on the morning of Saturday July 14th, 2012. Very pleased to be able to make these available to purchase…

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July 9th Dawn Collection

 Dawn ocean celebrate..jpg Down by the seashells..jpg Dreamwalker I.jpg Dreamwalker II.jpg Dunescene..jpg Five palm dawn with bathers.jpg Hot palm hipsta..jpg Just ocean. .jpg Just the morning sky..jpg Lush.jpg Nest in the undergrowth.jpg Ocean shadows..jpg Palm tree family..jpg Palms and the offshore storming..jpg Seashell sunkissed.jpg Swell..jpg The other side of the tree..jpg The tall guy..jpg Walk on by.jpg

The run of morning spectaculars continues, as the sun and the ocean celebrate another summer dawning. About as few seabirds as you’ll ever see, but with a dawn this beautiful I forgive them their tardiness 🙂 Continue reading »

Our Prints

Museum-quality paper, authentic giclee inks which combination gives a longevity of over 100 years in normal lighting conditions. They are hand numbered and signed by the artist.

Pigment printing processes have been utilized since the middle of the 19th century. The image stability of pigment printing is superior to that of any other method of printing, including traditional silver-halide or metal-based.

Digital inkjet printing has seen a surge in the use of the pigment ink as ink sets have been refined to be compatible with the latest in high-resolution inkjet technology.

A digital pigment print, sometimes referred to as a pigmented paper print, is a digital image rendered onto an uncoated, natural fiber substrate with pigment inks.

Custom sizing and framing quotes are available.


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Spazio Collection

Here’s my favorites from the forthcoming Spazio Collezione!

This set is not available to buy online as yet, but once the collection has been formally unveiled but if you are in need lets talk!



Shadows at the shore

another bright and breezy morning with passing clouds to change the ocean scenes.


This year’s seagull fashions…

Big E is a heron. Or so they say…