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Dune grass and beach palm.

Fine rain and low clouds finally took the morning colors away, but even on a gray day…


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One More Thing :

“Is this iPhoneography or mobile photography?”


This collection of dawn iPhone photographs – all a part of an emerging digital artform known as iPhoneography – were all taken and edited on Ft. Lauderdale Beach using the iPhone3GS and iPhone4 by Andy Royston.

iPhoneography (or mobile photography) is a new and popular photographic medium, that combines a camera, a set of applications that process and edit these images and  a means to share in real time to social media and website communities.

Artists and photographers have realized  that the shared limitations of a globally available mobile device create a level playing field for creativity.

The resulting outburst of visuals via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Eye’em and a myriad of website and photoblogs have together created a new global renaissance in the photographic arts.


Five palms in the morning sun.

Cloudy, yet the sun makes her presence felt as the day moves on.



A look at the vine flowers blooming by the dunes. Palm trees look on.


Early bird at the ocean’s edge

Our regular fisherman on the north beach, Big E, busy doing his thing.


Red sky in the morning

Spectacular colors in the dawn sky as the sun navigates a busy cloudscape.


Five palms on a September morning

The sky is still bluegray and hazy. A cooling breeze off the ocean makes it perfect.


Cloudscape at sunrise

A gathering cloud system throws a few shapes


By the palms at sunrise

A fisherman watches the pelicans, early morning.


Predawn lightshow

This morning saw a spectacle of sun rays in the eastern sky.