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Winter Dreams

A selection of the best of the Fort Lauderdale sunrises from November 2013.



Deep Gold : Intense colors as the sun came up : Nov 19th

At dawn today rain clouds were moving in, and the sun peeped out from quite dense morning clouds.

The colors at the golden moment were intense and quite wonderful. I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story…

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Four Legs Good.

I’m always caught in a contradiction when it comes to dogs on the beach.

The dogs themselves are generally full of fun, and totally loving the opportunity to have fun in the water. The ocean seems to bring out the best in them.

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Castles Made of Sand

Sandcastles to me are the essence of happiness. Family fun and relaxation steps on into art and spontaneity. I come across the castles of sand long after their completion and they never fail to make me smile!

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In Praise of Winter Seagulls

Winter seagulls are a fun feature of life on the shore early on. As the fish get more plentiful the flying menaces head out into the ocean to catch fish, but at this time of year you’ll find them pecking around the shoreline looking for scraps, especially on windy days.

Tourists who bring food to the beach will have winged company, that’s for sure…

Seagull’s reverie.

Just chilling by the ocean.

Whoa! Didn’t see you there…

My apple. MINE!

Lets fly to the sun, lets ride with the tide.

Running through the seagulls.

Chasing the sunrise.

Intense arguments about food.

Hop It.

Hummingbird Impression.

Seagull takes flight.


The bird's the word...



The Art of Jogging

There are lots of folks who love to jog along the seafront here in Ft Lauderdale. Several half-marathons are held here. Many choose to run the sidewalks along the famous wavewall and brave the traffic and cycle lanes. But those in the know jog the shore at low tide when the sands are firm. Of course, barefoot. Sand and surf in your toes – you can’t beat a good shoreline sprint.


Run with the pooch (poopbag essential)

You can run in the ocean if you want…

…and look beautiful doing it.

And while you run there’s this amazing sunrise.

Chase the rain clouds.

The sun’s up! Run!

Shoreline run past the palm trees.

After a good long run, a rest in the ocean.

The only way to run!

The bird's the word...