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Each day as it comes…

Photoblog: Perfect Sunday morning dawn : Jan 22nd

Took a little longer on my walk as it was such a lovely morning.

For the first time this year the weather was warm and the ocean clear from the off, which meant the beach was soon busy with sun worshippers of every kind!

Have fun with it. The beach is back…

Early light at the shore.

Treeline before sunrise.

Morning colors growing by the dune grasses.

The sun  clears the horizon clouds.

The path of peace.

Dawn shore foliage.

Pale sunrise with distant yacht.

Golden moment under the trees.

The bright end of the street.

The leaf and the sunrise.


First light beach jogging.

Sunlight by the boardwalk.

The succulent flowers are abuzz.

Gull on the wing.

The shape of the tree.

Do you believe in mermaids.

Gull at the waterside.

Zen paddle.

Board with mother.


Photoblog : The weekend begins with a fine Friday sunrise : Jan 20th

Such a lovely bright morning again – the weekend is shaping up to be very beautiful. The morning was a little chillier than the last few, but the atmosphere was very relaxed. Another day in paradise…

Set dedicated to the folks at Iphoneography Miami Exhibition at the ArtSpace Gallery I met at the opening yesterday. A great exhibition of the some of the world’s finest iPhone art prints. Has to be seen to be believed!

A Man’O War, freshly stranded.

Early light across the dune grass.

Early palms and morning colors.

Seagull greets morning.

Things are looking up!

Sunlight by the tree.

Silvery light.

Another tree, another yellowgold dawn.

Leaves and clouds.

Sea gull’s apple find.

The guy who feeds the gulls.

Dale Chihuly was here :-).

Distant ships and cloudscape.

Colors and palms.

Impressions of light I.

Impressions of light II.

Photoblog : A bright bright morning sun : Jan 19th

A dawning that began with a big thick band of clouds over the horizon, which meant for a gray start to the morning walk.

The clouds slowly evaporated in the sunlight, so when the sun finally showed its face the light was big bright and beautiful.

Within half an hour the clouds had given up the skies, leaving us with another wonderfully bright Januray day..

The dunes, grainy and colorful.

Silver gray by the dune palms.

Sun peeps under the clouds just for a moment.

Still cloudy morning.

Thinking about sunrise.

The sun breaks through.

Bright beneath the fall of the leaves.

Sunlight through the palms.

Ocean brightness.

Sepia oceanscape.

Waves roll and reflect.

Still more reflections.

Golden by the distant freight ship.

Brightness at the beach.

Sparkling shore.

Those distant clouds begin to fade.

Gulls flightiness.

Sunlight glints through those leaves.

Shadow and mood by the dune palms.

Dawn walking.

Photoblog : The bright light of the morning : Jan 18th

One more day of dramatic clouds, on a morning that preludes a beautiful day. There was a deep band of cloud at the shoreline which headed slowly north, clearing and fading into a clear bright January morning.

The light at the shoreline before sunrise.

The light catches the dune grasses.

The dropping leaf.

He stops to take in the morning sun.

Dune grass at sun up.

The firey dawning.

Wave forged by the morning sun.

Rolling in.

Dunes at sunrise.

The light behind the ornamental palm.

Light shines on the trees.


Heading off to who knows where.

The light behind that tree.

Leaning into the morning light.

And off he flew.

The shadow cast by the coral.

Up, up and away.

Sandpiper takes flight (my first ever capture of this skittish bird in flight).

And then the sunlight came.

Walk in sunshine by the five palms.

The warmth of a winter morn : Jan 17th

A January morning that was all about the clouds. At first it didn’t look like there were many around and the morning would be bright and clear.

Yet slowly the clouds gathered, as if the sun’s appearance was a cue for a little cloudplay.

Early light, palm trees.


Old gold dawning.

Sleepy dawn over a moody ocean.

Meanwhile, down by the ocean.

Golden leaves.

Leaf light.

Leaf light.

The light behind the two palms.

Brightness by the tree.


Dawn’s reflections.

Sandpipers piping.

A seasgull takes a second look.

Glistening seashells.

Making the most of the sunshine.

Dune foliage.

Prospectin’ for gold.

And dawn’s clouds begin to clear : Jan 16th

The wind from the ocean was still busy and the temperature early on felt cool. From a photography point of view though the clouds bring a little drama to the scene, and as the dawn developed sunlight streamed through onto the beach.

Five palms in the early light.

The gold lined clouds.

The sun works through the gathering clouds.

Dawn walking.

Colors and clouds.

The light at the ocean.

Ocean dance.

Waves rolling in.

Seabirds heading north.

Light along the crest of the breaking wave.

Gulls reflect.

Low tide at the shore.


Morning light catches the palms.

Old gold light over the palm trees.

The colors by the dunes

Photoblog : Sunday’s beautiful dawn colors : Jan 15th

A cool morning here in South Florida and a beautiful pre-dawn light show low on the horizon.

To arrive at the beach to see such an ever changing sunrise emerging from behind the beach palms more than made up for the drop in temperature. It was a clear, clean and gorgeous start to the day, perfect for photography.

Reds, peaches oranges and yellows along the horizon.

Colors behind the lifeguard pod.

Pre-dawn peachy.

Of trees and colors.

He stops to take it all in.

Down by the ocean.

Gulls discuss the low tide pickings.

Preening at sun up.

Sunrise reflective.

The path to the shore.

Dune grass early morning.


Sunlight under leaves.

A seasgull takes a second look.


Ready to strike.

Palms under the hazy sky.

Photoblog : A chilled out morning at the shore : Jan 14th

More clouds this morning threatening to overshadow the sunrise, and sure enough it took time to finally break through to warm this chilly morning.

Low tide brought calm waves and a band of beautiful seashells along the soft shore sands.

The sunrise eventually settled down into a dreamy haze, with long strands of altostratus clouds to create light and shade.

Dune palms in the dawn glow.

Seagull in the shadows.

Dawn colors reflect on the ocean.

Hazy under palm leaves.

Colorhaze through the trees.

The light and those trees.

A palm tree at sun up.

Morning seashells.

Hazy horizon.

The light catches a breaker.

Sunlight at the ocean side.

Seagull swoops.

Ocean cloudscape.

Photoblog : Friday on my Mind : Jan 13th

Low cloud this morning and a strong sun to create deep colors low along the horizon.  Gradually those clouds faded to leave a canopy of altocumulus for the sunlight to dapple through. So lovely.

Color imprssions at first light.

Freighters wait for their berth at Port Everglades.

Dawn light by the dune palms.

Horizon light under dark morning clouds.

Rothko’s ships.

The breaking wave as colors grow.

The seagull and the pear.

The color of the offshore rain.

And then he flew on.

Admiring his reflection.

Shoreshells at the low tide line.

Catching the horizon.

Just the sea and the sky.


The morning light through the fading clouds.

Run across the sun.

Photoblog : Cool, calm and collected at sunrise : Jan 12th

Another beautifully serene start to the day, with a calm ocean and a hazy horizon for the sun to break through.

A day to take one’s time and take it all in. A quiet, contemplative dawning.

Dunes at first light.

Unexpected visitor – a Keeled Starfish from the pacific coast.

Dawn runner.

A cruise ship bilge offloads strange cargo sometimes…


Dawns colorsplash.

Sunrise over a calm ocean.

Golden palms.

Mom knows…


Tall palm with cool clouds.

Tropical palm golds.

He walks by those palms.