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Focusing on the sand and the seashells, coral and flotsam I find there.

Where the sea turtles nest.

Its the height of the sea turtle nesting season and some patches of our beach are a maze of protected green turtle and loggerhead nests.


Good morning seashells

All you can hear is the lapping of a relaxed ocean…


A morning rose…

A few flowers and a few seaturtle nests to greet the dawn today.


The seaweed and shells.

The tideline is marked with seaweed, stranded sponges and corals, and patches of fine seashells today.


The way the seashells see it…

By the shore, fine picking for beachcombers.


The way the seashells look.

Along the shore a few bright seashells.


Just the sea shells.

On a peaceful, sunny morning the ocean brings tiny gifts for the early riser.


A shore shell, quiet…

The seashell is the quietest thing on the beach this morning. The waves, however…


Good day for the sea shells

Such a calm dreamy morning with a shore lined with sea shells.


A beach inside a seashell.

Its been a fine morning for seashells. The ocean in a bountiful mood today.