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When morning comes, the palm trees sigh…

Morning sun playing with the clouds offshore.


Dawning underneath the palms.

The sky full of layers and textures. The trees stop to watch.


The view through the leaves

A palm tree sways and the sunlight bursts through.

Palm tree in the rain.

A portrait of a tree as the storm blows.


Dune post and storm clouds.

One of my favorite spots along the shore where the dunes are thickest.


“Don’t know why there’s no sun up in the sky…”

As the storm blows a palm tree stands quietly by.


Morning leaf

A pool of sunlight and a palm frond drops in to say hello…


The path down to the morning.

A dune path to the beach, past the protected sea turtle nests.


Daybreak under the leaves.

The sun finally came out from the clouds and the drama was complete.


Three palms, surprised by sunshine.

The last cloudy morning before the blue skies return. The sun breaks up the last of the clouds.