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Where the sea turtles nest.

Its the height of the sea turtle nesting season and some patches of our beach are a maze of protected green turtle and loggerhead nests.


Loggerhead tracks lead up to a fresh laid turtle nest.

A fine sight to see as momma turtle laid her nest and returned to her ocean home.


Sea turtle hatchling tracks

Possibly the happiest sight along the shore this morning. The final sea turtle nest on my patch of beach is hatched! Laid on August 31st most of the nests nearly were swept away in high-tide storms.


Protected seaturtle nest against the elements

Very late in the seaturtle season, and few last nests are about ready to hatch. Lets hope those hatchlings make it – the sea is busy with hungry fish.


Turtle Patrol keeping a close eye on the last few nests

Getting to the end of sea-turtle season, with the last few nests along the shore still waiting to hatch. THe last one I know of was laid on the last day of August, which means there’ll be a few hatchlings heading to the ocean as late as October.

The protection squad around here are very diligent and have done a great job all summer long.

The last few turtle nests at sunrise.

It’s been another successful sea turtle season with many hundreds of nests on the stretch of sand between Hillsboro Inlet and Port Everglades. Just a few left to hatch.


Turtle post at high tide

The high tide swell brings new sands up the beach, covering the lower sea turtle nests.


Seaturtle nest at sunrise.

A serene scene by the nests. When will the hatchlings emerge? Has to be any day now.


Morning seaturtle tracks.

Another nest laid, a turtle’s tracks back to the ocean.


A fresh sea turtle nest

A fresh nest is always a pleasure to find.