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Winter Dreams

A selection of the best of the Fort Lauderdale sunrises from November 2013.



A Passing Storm

When tropical storm Sandy passed by the impact upon our shores in Fort Lauderdale were stronger than expected, as high tides swept away whole swathes of our beach north of Sunrise Boulevard.

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Deep Gold : Intense colors as the sun came up : Nov 19th

At dawn today rain clouds were moving in, and the sun peeped out from quite dense morning clouds.

The colors at the golden moment were intense and quite wonderful. I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story…

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From the day it was laid, to the day they hatched. The last nest of the season.

Last weekend the beach took a different kind of storm damage. Torrential rain floods from nearby streets created deep sand ravines at the beach as the water drained away.

One of the worst eroded spots was right through the site of the last sea-turtle nest on our stretch of beach.

Luckily this nest had hatched just days earlier, so all was well. But it highlighted for me why we protect those nests and how vulnerable those eggs are during the eight week incubation period.

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A visit to The Stranahan House

When Frank and Ivy Stranahan came to a nook in a Florida river not far from an old abandoned fort they were the first civilized business folks to settle here.

Previously, this swampy, backwoods area was home to smugglers, renegades and runaways.

Frank set up a trading post and later a ferry across the river and his wife set about founding a city we now know by the name of that abandoned Fort; Ft. Lauderdale.

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Tropicalia – A collection inspired by old tropical postcards.

On my Instagram account I’ve been working inspired by old postcards – working to create a look that’s more like a painting than a photograph.

A bygone era of tropical life before as it was before bug screen and air conditioning turned many Florida beaches into a tourist playground.


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I love the rain : A Photo Collection

A little celebration of days when the sky isn’t so blue.

This weekend has inspired me to collect a few images from rainy mornings to share. These days are more moody, quiet and contemplative, and the drama of the rain coming across the ocean is always worth stopping for.

All images here are taken by iPhone 3GS or iPhone4 over the last year.

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Zen Ocean

The peace that can be found on a still morning is just food for the soul.

As a wise woman once said, “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop”. 


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A Big E Special : Great white egret having fun, Saturday Morning at the beach

My fellow regular Big E, a great white egret (Or is he a white-morph Blue Heron) was catching bait fish and having fun.

This morning I came across him several times along the shore as he flew to different parts of the shoreline looking for fish to catch.

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Running by the palm trees.

Jog, run or powerwalk, the beach is a fine place for getting out those running shoes and hanging out by the palms.

Ft Lauderdale Beach is defined by its famous wave wall and jogging along this stretch of A1A is a very pleasurable way to keep fit.

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