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Photoblog – A splash of ocean!

Those waves roll right on in.

The low sun over the ocean is a recurring theme in my iPhone photography.

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This Is The Life!

The beach is a place to relax, let your hair down, have some fun.

Some mornings, especially weekends, I leave a beach that’s just becoming a place to have fun. The beach I walk is almost always deserted but shows quiet evidence of good times being had. I thought I’d share a few of those signs…

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Long Key State Park

There are several State Parks in the Florida keys,but this, Long Key State Park, just north of Marathon, is one of the finest.

It one of the most nature-orientated, with a wonderful nature trail that features the Golden Orb spider, and a variety of natural mangroves right by clear white shoreline.

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Lower Matecombe Key at Ann’s Beach.

The Florida Keys has so many attractions and so many ways to pass the time, the quiet natural spots you can find along the way can be delightful.

One such place is at the end of Lower Matecombe Key, where there’s a quiet little natural spot called Ann’s Beach. It’s not really a beach, although you can get sand in your toes by wading in the oh-so-clear waters.

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Behind The Scenes of Paradise

I don’t often photograph the ‘real’ Fort Lauderdale Beach, with the hotels and condos, and the beachfront restaurants. But it’s all part of the bigger picture, and sometimes it’s important to show that too.

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Beachcombing by Hipstamatic

Today was such a wonderful day for beach combing I wanted to share some of the Hipstamatic shots I took of the tideline corals and shells and driftwood. Hipstamatic is a square format vintage photography application familiar to iPhone users.

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Sea Turtle Nesting Season

South Florida is one of the most important nesting areas for one of the world’s most beautiful and endangered species – the Sea Turtle. Their nests can be seen all summer long, marked by protective yellow tape courtesy of the Broward County Sea Turtle Conservation Program.

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Egrets? I’ve had a few…

Big E – A great white egret of some character showed up on our stretch of beach way back in August. He was a regular along the beach just north of Sunrise Boulevard until Thankgiving when I presume he flew south for richer pickings.

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Getting to know the fleet!

On twitter several weeks ago someone said ‘It’s been quite a while since we saw any manowar on Ft Lauderdale Beach’

Well that sure changed!

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