Egrets? I’ve had a few…

Big E – A great white egret of some character showed up on our stretch of beach way back in August. He was a regular along the beach just north of Sunrise Boulevard until Thankgiving when I presume he flew south for richer pickings.

This stretch of beach, not entirely co-incidentally is where the fishing rod crew hangs out – Beach rules allow fishing on the beach before 9am so Big E figured – correctly – that there was breakfast to be had. Either self caught, or cadging off the guys with the poles.

He was great company on the stormier days, and watching him fish was a great pleasure.

Thanks Big E. See you next fall?

Egret on the wing

Big E in fishing mode.

An egret’s catch.

Old Master Egret.

Even in a heavy rain storm, there’ll be baitfish…

An Egret just standing around.

Big E out making waves.

Great white egret, head into the wind.

Fishing in earnest.

Egret in a tutu.

Big E at sunrise.

OK bub, you’ve taken enough photos…

Oh. You’ve got a fish. That’s different!

Doing the egret walk.

Sunrise and bird.

Bothering the fishermen for throwaways.

Footprints in the sand.




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