Behind The Scenes of Paradise

I don’t often photograph the ‘real’ Fort Lauderdale Beach, with the hotels and condos, and the beachfront restaurants. But it’s all part of the bigger picture, and sometimes it’s important to show that too.

Our clean and tidy stretch of beach is carefully maintained by the City of Fort Lauderdale Parks Dept, who are constantly vigilant and attentive to anything that might spoil things for visitors. And even though my photos rarely show them, the beach can get very busy!

If I find anything early on that might be a hazard or needs special attention I can call on a team of folks who will be along in, well, minutes if necessary. Alongside lifeguards, conservation programs, letter patrols and police on ATVS there are many women and men who work to keep the beach relaxed and happy.

To the team behind the scenes of paradise, who keep our beach pristine, thank you!

Feed the trees.

Lifeguard station.

Beach raker at your service.

Reclaiming the sands.

Pruning the trees.

OK, that’s enough seaweed…

Beach patrol.

Raking the sand beneath the trees.

On the beach, the fine detailing counts.

Raking by the Ireland’s Inn.

The beach rake cometh!

Looking for the stuff you left behind.

The day patrol team, ready to help.


Raking at sunrise.


After a bad storm the sand leaps over the wall and covers the A1A highway.


Cliffing after a few days of storms.


Sometimes the ocean takes over, giving the City lots to do to get paradise back in order.


High tide shenanegans.




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