Long Key State Park

There are several State Parks in the Florida keys,but this, Long Key State Park, just north of Marathon, is one of the finest.

It one of the most nature-orientated, with a wonderful nature trail that features the Golden Orb spider, and a variety of natural mangroves right by clear white shoreline.

It doesn’t open until after dawn, but as you can see, there’s still plenty of ways to capture the sunshine.

Kayaks by the palms by the shore.

A heron preens in the morning sunshine.

Mangrove out in the clear waters.

Distant heron keeps an eye out.

Stretching his wings.

…and looking for fish.

Morning shoreline reflections.

Wading in the shallows by the shore.

Knarly Mangrove.

Trees bleached by the weather.

Palms in the sunlight.


The light and the Mangrove.


Light through the mangrove off the beaten track.


Mangrove trees.


New shoots.


Creeping vine all aflower.


Golden Orb spider all dressed for lunch.


Clear waters reflect the tree.


OK. Kayak time!



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