I love the rain : A Photo Collection

A little celebration of days when the sky isn’t so blue.

This weekend has inspired me to collect a few images from rainy mornings to share. These days are more moody, quiet and contemplative, and the drama of the rain coming across the ocean is always worth stopping for.

All images here are taken by iPhone 3GS or iPhone4 over the last year.

The clouds gather and the wind blows the dune grass.

A tall tree and a graying sky.

The sunlight beneath the gathering stormclouds.


Blue sky peeps through.

Lone tree.

The storm gets busy.

Black sheets of rain.

Sunlight catches the falling rain shower.

In the thick of it.


Seaoats in the rain.

Five wet palm trees.

But one fisherman is ready for the elements.

It may be raining but there’s still a fish around.



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