Running by the palm trees.

Jog, run or powerwalk, the beach is a fine place for getting out those running shoes and hanging out by the palms.

Ft Lauderdale Beach is defined by its famous wave wall and jogging along this stretch of A1A is a very pleasurable way to keep fit.

From South Beach park just south of Las Olas its possible to run for several miles north past Bonnett House and Taylor Birch Park (itself a great shaded area for a circuit run) without ever losing sight of the sunrise. Of course dawn running is literally a cool thing to do  – during the day the sunlight can get so hot. The palm trees can provide a little shade and are very pleasant company.

You can of course take to the sands, but. depending on the tide the going can be firm on one day and very soft on others. So this is my tribute to the folks who get up around the same hour I do, pounding the sidewalks for fun and fitness, all to spend a little time with those beach palm trees.

A fun run early on.

It’s a cardiovascular thing…

Half marathoners go by at speed.

She runs by the wave wall.

Running barefoot along the shoreline.

Pounding the softer sand.

A runner in the morning rain.

Taking a walking breather.

Shadows from the morning sunlight.

Down there past the trees.

A fine patch of firm running sand at low tide.

Running in the ocean’s tideline.



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