Photoblog : Calm and sunny at sunrise : Sep 10th

Today's wallpaper/Twitter background

Today was just gorgeous again, with a little red lingering from pre-dawn before the sun rose into a hazy then clear morning.

Today was also blessed with several chances to take snaps of a great north Ft Lauderdale Beach character, a great white egret who was in a very good mood. I took so many I will be uploading most of the pics of him separately.

Good morning redness.

‘Just Do It’.

Three palms and the morning glow.

Pelican just being.

Float on, Mr. Pelican.

Big E busy fishing.

A wader wades on.

Gulls at sun up.

Feeling young again.

Dreamy tree.

Sunrise brightens.

Bright light behind the trees.

Hazy under the leaves.

Big E still pickin’ ’em out..

Three trees again.

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