Photoblog : Making the most of an overcast morning at the beach : Oct 15th

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After a day or so the felt like summer was back, Autumn sweeps in on the north-westerly breeze.

This morning’s booty was mostly pieces of coral that had broken away from the reef earlier this week, and they were a treat to photograph.

The  waves were up again and the clouds were thick and blue-gray. Mornings like this are designed to blow away the cobwebs!


Walking in a cooling offshore breeze..

Leaves bend in the wind.

Fishing by the dune grasses.

Palm leaves painting pictures in the clouds.

Darker side of the tree.

The palm trees and one of the last sea-turtle nests.

Hatched eggshells from an older turtle nest.

Tallest tree on a cloudy morning.

The stranded coral shape.

The last few sea-turtle nests waiting for the hatchlings to emerge.

Funky coral.

Morning waves and a hint of gold.

Gulls go fishing.

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