From the day it was laid, to the day they hatched. The last nest of the season.

Last weekend the beach took a different kind of storm damage. Torrential rain floods from nearby streets created deep sand ravines at the beach as the water drained away.

One of the worst eroded spots was right through the site of the last sea-turtle nest on our stretch of beach.

Luckily this nest had hatched just days earlier, so all was well. But it highlighted for me why we protect those nests and how vulnerable those eggs are during the eight week incubation period.

So here is a set of photos of that last-laid nest, which was laid on August 31st and hatched in the last week of October.

Go little turtles, go!!

Wandering right through a formerly laid (and protected) nest, momma loggerhead laid her nest in the shadow of three large palms, well up the beach. When laid there were many other nests on this stretch of sands. By the time it hatched it was the last one remaining. As you can see, the Sea Turtle patrol team had it posted within a few minutes of sunrise.

Morning walk past the nests.

Rainy morning, September.

All’s well on a peaceful morning

September sunrise.

Just checking…

Turtle Patrol keeping a close eye, and repairing broken tape.

October storms beat the shore, and sweep away many of the low lying nests.

Golden light through those trees.

Late October. Nearly time.

On a golden morning…

Getting close, and the night Turtle team create a sand wall to make sure the hatchlings don’t head into danger.

The hatchlings finally emerge in the dark of night.

And head towards the morning sky, and their home, the ocean.

Successfully hatched nest.


Then the rains came.

Then the rains came.

That was close. Straight through the newly hatched nests. Just in time. See you next summer!


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