Photoblog : High tides and golden Sunday sunshine : Nov 6th

Sunday was quiet after the end of daylight saving time, but the tide was high and deep, with the ocean coming close to the top of the beach.

The soft sands didn’t make for an each walk along the shore, but there was a quiet drama in the skies, with the sun in and out of the busy clouds.

Lilac pre-dawn palms.

Reflections on dune grass.

Sunlight emerges from the clouds.

Tall tree at sunrise.

The peachy cloud and the palm.

Golden hue over the ocean.

Dawning beneath palm leaves.

The big waves crash.

Into the sunlight.

Where the tide reaches the seawall.

Coppergold waves.

Seagull flies north.

Gulls breakfast.


Light behind the trees.

Morning sand dunes.

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