Photoblog : Atmosphere and shadows at sunrise : Nov 19th

The rain moved on but the clouds lingered; this morning they moved in on the sunrise and created a really changeable scene. Lots of color and contrasts. At dawn the sunlight presented a particularly moody light, and I’ve added a separate page for those and they really were a color set of their own. You can find them here >>The Deep Gold Dawn.

Early light by the dunes.

A gull hovers, expectantly.

For a moment the clouds were illuminated with dawn reds and oranges.

There were surfers out there, but I lost them in the waves.

Waves rolling in.

Ocean light under morning clouds.

A gull, just taking it all in.

The gull flew.

Then they soared.

Light through the gull’s wings.

Reeling in the weeds.

Morning people.

Pelican sees the light.

Dune grass and the palm tree.

Five palms in morning sun.

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