Exhibition : Odapark NL

Love the one you’re with

Nature photography with a mobile phone

Odapark Venray Contemporary Art Center
Merseloseweg 117, 5801 CC Venray
Tel: +31(0)478-513690 When: March 4 – May 1

An international exhibition of landscape photographs taken solely with mobile phones featured works from myself, Andy Royston (Ft Lauderdale Sun) alongside some of the world’s finest mobile photographers and artists Valerie Ardini (NL) / Daniel Berman (CA) / Ton Ensing (NL) / Bryce Fauble (UK) / Souichi Furusho (JP) / Dixon Hamby (PA) / Robert-Paul Jansen (NL) / Steve John (UK) / Greg Louderman (US) / Jordi V. Pou (ES) / Stephanie Calabrese Roberts (US) and Jesse Wright (US)

Oda 03072012-041AR.jpgOda 03072012-068.jpgOda 03072012-074.jpgOda 03072012-077.jpgOda 03072012-079.jpgOda 03072012-081.jpgOda 03072012-083.jpgOda 03072012-084.jpgOda 03072012-086.jpgOda 03072012-091.jpg

Odapark center is situated in an large natural park that is more than a century old. A prestigeous international show of agribusiness is being held locally, where they expect millions of visitors.

The setting is within impressive tree filled sculpture park in a sloping landscape. The site comprises in 19 hectares of wooded parkland with old trees and sand dunes, featuring over 60 sculptures by contemporary artists. The Tea House and Odapark’s project building are situated at the heart of the grounds.

The iphoneography is presented in four ways:

– in one room in back-lit cibachrome technique
– in one room in digital printing technique/inkjet
– in one room on iPhones and iPads
– in the parc in outdoor billboards and glass vitrines

The art center has a huge reputation in presenting contemporary art. This exhibit is the first major exhibition of iPhone art and mobile photography in the Netherlands. The aim is not only to present iPhoneographers in this exposition but also the extraordinary phenomenon of iPhoneography.


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