July 3rd Print Collection – Las Olas Beach

Today took in a patch of beach further south than my usual walk, and here we saw an offshore cloud system slowly being broken up by the morning sun. As the clouds warmed and began to break the sunrise just turned into something amazing!

This is a signed, collectable, limited edition collection all taken by iPhone on the morning of July 3rd, 2012. I’m very proud to be able to make these available to purchase.

  Dawn ocean awake..jpg  Las Olas Beach Mood.jpg Las Olas Yacht Pre-dawn 2.jpg Las Olas Yacht Pre-dawn.jpg Sea Turtle Nest Scenario.jpg Silver Cloudscape.jpg Somewhere over the ocean.jpg Sunshine Cloud Party.jpg Waves to the Clouds.jpgc2- Las Olas Yacht Pre-dawn.jpgc56- Las Olas Beach Dream.jpgc67- Blue Breaker.jpgc81-  Palm Proud.jpgc87- Sunshine Cloud Party.jpg

The prints have a particular stylised quality that is colorful, sharp and screen-print like. The set evokes a tropical beach like no other. If you have been to the beach on a hot sultry morning these images will bring the whole experience back whatever the winter weather.

I will personally sign each print and oversee the production and shipping. I aim to pass this on to you in the highest possible quality.


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