4th July (Sandy) Collection

To begin our American Independence Day the sun brought along its Old Master haze, giving the beach a lovely dreamy atmosphere. Quite a few families had decided to beat the heat by getting their beach time in early. A fine idea!

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This is a signed, collectable, limited edition collection all taken by iPhone on the morning of July 4th, 2012. So proud to be able to make these available to purchase.

  The clouds moment in the sun..jpgJuly 4th -  Dawns green goldness2.jpg  Dawnscape 2.jpg  Dawnscape, lilac and gold..jpg  Fronds silvertone..jpg  Kayak sunrise..jpg  Leaves waiting for a fall..jpg  Life in the old wave yet..jpg  Morning swim to start the fourth. Palm Tree Approved..jpg  Palm trees watch the sunrise..jpg  Suntime..jpg  The five palm summer..jpg  Where the leaves sway..jpg Palms hold hands.jpg

The prints have a particular stylised quality that is colorful, sharp and screen-print like. The set evokes a tropical beach like no other. If you have been to the beach on a hot sultry morning these images will bring the whole experience back whatever the winter weather.

I will personally sign each print and oversee the production and shipping. I aim to pass this on to you in the highest possible quality.

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