Talks and Lecture Program 2012

During 2012 I am working on a series of guest lectures and presentations based around the FtLauderdale Sun project.

I will be presenting a series of beach photography collections taken by iPhone, explaining how I took these images of the ocean environment and introducing the amazing marine life that shows up on south eastern U.S. shores.

Our lovely beaches are host to a living breathing marine eco-system that is often overlooked by locals and visitors alike. Along the south east coast for much of the  of summer there are the wonderful nocturnal visits of our endangered sea-turtles which is a fascinating subject in itself.

I want to share with you the different images I have from my early morning walks – evidence that our shore is host to a vital element in our ocean’s amazing ecology. Our beaches are full of life, and its so easy to share in this often hidden world.

The format for the guest lectures is simple.

I spend a day taking photographs at your location so that the talks can begin with the nature that is on your own doorstep. The images will be uploaded throughout the weekend to blog pages devoted to the weekend’s activities.

This is a perfect way to introduce how much can be seen on a daily basis on public beaches and parks, and to show how easy it is to take photos and share the experience using an ordinary cellphone.

The aim is to highlight the natural world that you can explore daily, and how it fits into the wider marine acology on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts.

After each workshop there will be a set of featured photographs on display in the lobby. Got a QR code reader on your phone? Bring it along, as there are interesting photo sets attached to each image on display with back stories to the photo you are looking at. Prints can be made available should you want the images to be placed on display after the event. If budget allows a website can be prepared that is specifically tailored to your own location.

I’m always honored to be invited to present to interested audiences and institutions whose staff work so hard to bring our worlds of science and nature to life. I hope I can  play my part too and help encourage others to do the same.

So join me if you can – ito create a unique, fun, educational and entertaining event that combines photography, science and technology in a way that’s understandable to all ages.


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