Hotels & Restaurants

Public Area Art Prints

Spaces where lots of people come and go, where there is a need to unwind, are great places to showcase inspiring, locally-sourced art photography pieces. 

The sight of beauty calms the spirit, rejuvenates it and strengthens the mind and body. The aim is to provide fine art prints that are not provide a sense of tropical peace and tranquility to all your guests and customers.

2012 Catalog

To The Trade

We have a number of sets available at discount prices (see the catalog above for our latest range) and can provide limited edition fine art prints – both custom shot and from the archives – to suit your budget.

Contact Us with your ideas, your favorites and your needs! Image licensing also available.

Custom Collections

Andy is especially skilled at fast-turnaround custom art photography that will show the wildlife and ecology of specific to your business. We can shoot images around your premises, and in your local vicinity so that your art collection is unique.