Corporate Collecting

Signature Collection

Last year, the LA Weekly published the following quote:  ”The days of gilt-framed faux-impressionism punctuating hotel walls are over. Or it certainly seems that way, as just about every trendy boutique hotel is making concerted efforts to bring the work of living artists into the fold, as lobbies and bars are transformed into legitimate galleries.”

We can help you create and select art that would enhance your spaces, but also give you a revenue stream, as you partner with us to offer these prints to your guests.

Our pricing is reasonable enough that most luxury hotels can price an unframed print at the same price as a one-night stay. You have complete control over discounts, if you wish to offer them.

We can visit your premises – wherever you are – to take images in your natural environment, creating art that is unique and original to you. This really fulfills a need to bring locally sourced and created art right into the heart of your enterprise. Customers will really appreciate the attention to detail.


Meet and Greet

To gain initial publicity for your collection, a private showing is perfect and can be achieved at low cost.

Invite local arts journalists, dignitaries and other contacts. We will work with your team to ensure the success of your event and send out invitations to our own mailing list if you wish. We will work with your marketing team and your F & B people to create a memorable event.


Andy will of course be in attendance to chat and mingle with your guests. We will help create a memorable occasion and use our social media skills to promote the event. The beauty of social media is its cost-effectiveness and its global reach.

Ideally, we will have additional material available at the opening night party. Although these are optional, they will help to maximize sales. Let’s talk about possibilities!