Los Marineros

When Galeon Andalucia is on the move this when the knowledge and skills of the crew really come to the fore. From El Capitan, Manuel Murub, to a crew staffed with everyone from journalists to chefs – all united in their passion for tall ship sailing. One member told me that sailing on the ship was his dream come true…

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Throughout the trip the team’s skills working the masts and the rigs was always impressive. Much of the work – such as running the ships engines and catering to the 26 strong crew – took place well out of sight.

Working and playing hard – the gang were especially competitive when fishing off the back of the ship –  the crew were superb ambassadors for the Nao Victoria Fundacion showing just what it takes to keep the traditions alive.

And the traditions are everywhere. The crew has tried to remain completely faithful in its reenactment of a 16th Century trip, steering by the stars and dead reckoning most of the way. Most of the journey over the Atlantic was done under sail, I was told – most befitting this square-sailed icon of the Spanish treasure fleet and a warship of the Armada.

Everyone joined the 24hr watch rota, and when the  ropes needed pulling everyone – guests included – were on hand. Given the amount of visitors who come aboard when docked its no surprise that this is a great opportunity to make essential repairs and to add a little spit and polish to the grander parts of the ship.

As an iPhoneographer I was determined to send as many photos as I could out to the Internet, but I was in the hands of connectivity and before long we were just too far out into the ocean.

As we moved slowly over the ocean waves, and the ship listed and swayed I found myself adjusting to the life afloat. Taking my time. Taking it in. Going with the flow.

I can’t thank the crew enough for their hospitality. From Paco’s lunchtime fino and tapas < ‘Salud’ > to ‘ Solar’s baking skills (with morning cafe con leche)  it was a privilege to be a part of the experience and witness the crew dynamics that make the ship so special.

As they say back in Spain : Mañana será otro día.