El Galéon – The Book

 Commemorating the visit to Florida of El Galéon Andalucia
to celebrate VivaFlorida 500 and the founding of the State of Florida

For the last five years I’ve been photographing the dawn from Fort Lauderdale Beach, and still marvel at the qualities of the morning light. Yet the opportunity to be able to watch the sun rise from out on the ocean from a replica Spanish galleon – El Andalucia – was very special.

For a little while the ship sailed entirely on wind power, and to hear nothing but the creak of the ropes, the flapping of sails and the breaking of waves was magical and unforgettable. Sailing on such a vessel not only brings you closer to the drama of the elements it seems to change the nature of time itself.

I’ve collected my images from the trip in this book, and hope that the trip and the atmosphere inspire and delight.

The trip was made possible thanks to the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention and Visitors Bureau. and Visit Florida.

Find out more about the VIVA FLORIDA 500 Voyage  and the Fundacion Nao Victoria 

Picture blogs from the ship:

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